Monday, September 29, 2014

For sale.

Price: $235,000
Phone: 0438 090 614

Monday, January 2, 2012

before and after

front of the house.



before :(
after :)




I'm done with this blog and I'm done with renovating.
But having said that, we will always be damn proud of what we have achieved.

Now I'm done with this blog.

before and after

some changes inside the house.

the stupid stairs.

much nicer.

The backyard.

the backyard was rotten when we moved in.

painting the fence before we left.

before and after

We found this old picture of the kitchen 2 owners ago.

The previous owners renovated and put this kitchen in.

And we got rid of it all! :)
then the new kitchen.

how it looked when we moved in.

the final kitchen.

Friday, December 2, 2011

really nearly done.

we have been working like idiots. too hard. up until midnight most nights. its ridiculous but lev has an interview in Toowoomba on tuesday so we have to be out of here by sunday morning. we had some great friends pop round this morning to help lev out with some tip loads, drainage work and concreting. all our bowen friends have been so helpful and constantly offering to do jobs, or take the kids, or bake us muffins.

I've spent most of the past few days painting. Painting everything. It's time consuming and boring and the photos dont show much. lev has been amazing. he's got a list that fills an A4 peice of paper and he's nearly done everything on it. i'm so amazed by him.

Here's some photos from the past few days.

lev finished the picket fence to cover the neighbours ugly
asbestos wall. and i was tasked with painting as he built.

the kids helping out. bless em.

friend's baby Seth sleeping on my beautiful kitchen floor :)

i painted the front gate. i think i preferred it as bare timber.
julia has paint on her face hahaha.

our 'window' seat without the window.
we ran out of time and thought a mirror might suffice.

lacquering the arch. it looks good but soooo time consuming.

after loads of bogging and painting the old kitchen finally
looks presentable.

freshly painted stairs. these are the stairs i broke my foot on
and abel broke his arm. stupid stairs.

the concreting lev did today.

haha, couldn't resist.

so thats our saturday. this avo lev is putting drainage in from the backyard to the road. installing an aerial and powerpoint and i'm packing the house up still. tomorrow morning before  we leave we're going to take loads of photos of our finished house and our last blog should be filled with before and after shots. hooray!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

nearly done.

Hi all. Yes we are nearly done. Moving date has been moved forward to Saturday! Eeeek. So much to do. So little time. There's no time to even write anything so here's some photos.

i tiled. never again. hate tiling.

and i grouted. not fun.


finally got our front driveway cemented!

hooray! finished the driveway!

our old kitchen was sold and removed. look what was left. friday night before our sat night bbq Lev got cementing

...filled in the big hole and used left over tiles to cover up some
of the damage.

and Lev finished the front gate finally. now the kids cant escape.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

concrete benchtop method

The overall result of our very successful concrete benchtop.

Found the flattest surface in our house and measured twice and drew an outline of the desired bench and inset sink on the form ply, formed up the shape with scrap timber and more form ply for the edges that required a smooth finish.  Hung inch thick galvinised rio bar and 100 x 100 galvinised mesh for structural support. Exposed edges of bench had a bead of silicon smoothed to a curve with a finger to give a curved edge

Concrete mixed at 4 parts builders mix to 1 part cement, once laid the formwork was tapped with a heavy hammer for about 7 minutes to remove bubbles from the surface of the bench.

After 5 days of keeping the slab moist it was allowed to dry and lifted, very happy with the result, weight about 100kg.

Got a neighbour to help us lift it into place and after a bit of trimming with the massonite disk and grinder the sink slipped into place.

Silicone for the edges